BMC links all its data to server, starts mobile app

News - December 2017

MUMBAI: Several BMC departments have linked their data to a centralized server system and all civic officials can access it online to expedite decision-making for public-related work in the city. Civic officials are discussing whether to make some of the information accessible to the public.

BMC has introduced a mobile app too, through which one can check reservations around their locations in the old and in the proposed development plan (DP).

“Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the system and app in the presence of civic chief Ajoy Mehta and state government officials on December 6. Civic officials said that collecting information on the central server and allowing all departments access it online was a major achievement as it will ease the file-clearing process. Officials often delay the clearance of files, claiming they are awaiting some information from another department.

"Now, they cannot do that as they can access the information from the central server on their computers," said a civic engineer.

In case officers want to check the property tax pendency of any plot, water pipeline or drainage system passing underground, they can check it on their computers. Most water network and drainage systems are mapped by the geographical information system (GIS).

Similarly, if they want they can check how many roads there are in any area, or how many of them are concretised, or if they are under repair or proposed to be repaired.

All departments have been told to update their data regularly, which will automatically get updated on the central server. Officials said the mobile app will be helpful for citizens to known about reservations (garden, school or station) on any plot, where the person is standing, and its surrounding areas. The app will show reservations marked in DP 1991-2012 and in DP-2012-34.